Unicorn Sparkle – Scented Wax Brittle Pouch


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Unicorn Sparkle – Scented Wax Brittle Pouch – Handmade in Hampshire, by Candle Works.

NEW!! Scented Wax Brittle 

• Scent •
This fragrance is unique! Delicious sweet notes of dreamy fruits, along with a magical unicorn fragrance!

• How to Use •
Simply break small parts up and place into your wax warmer (tea light or electric work fine).
We’re telling you now though.. a small amount goes a very long way!!


• Will be sure to fill your home with delight. This wax brittle also contains a unique bio-glitter to make your wax sparkle!

• Reusable holographic foil pouch – store your wax in this beautiful bag and once it’s empty, reuse! Perfect to store small items in.

• Our biodegradable glitter is a fabulous alternative to traditional plastic-based glitter. Made from vegetable starch, it is plastic free, cruelty free, plant based, cosmetic grade and 100% beautiful! Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


• Delivery •
Securely shipped and a safety leaflet included! Great for any occasion or a special someone.


• Size & Weight •
Weight: 50 grams approx. per pouch (Net Weight)
Pouch Height: 15cm
Pouch Width: 8cm


• Burn Time •
Over 60+ hours of beautiful fragrance!


• Safety •
Please follow our safety guidelines and your wax burner instructions to ensure you get the best possible burn from your melt.

• Remove all packaging before using on your burner. Use only in tea light warmers or electric warmers approved for wax melts.

• Keep away from pets and children. DO NOT add water. DO NOT leave unattended.



Contains: Hexyl Cinnamic Aldehyde, Limonene, Helional. May produce an allergic reaction.

Our waxes and fragrance oils are Non-Toxic and Eco Friendly! We are against animal testing.