Pear Drops Scented Candle


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Pear Drops Scented Candle – Handmade in Hampshire, by Candle Works.

Scents: Elevating fresh and sweet pear base notes.


A wonderful aroma identical to the scent of those pear drop sweets we loved as kids!

A unique Pear Drops Candle fragrance that must be tried! Made using High Quality Blended Sasol Wax. Producing excellent scent throw on each burn and a vibrant wax colour!

• Delivery •
Securely shipped in bubble wrap & box with coloured tissue paper to match the candle colour and a safety leaflet inside! Great for any occasion or a special someone.

• Size & Weight •
Fill Capacity: 8 oz
Weight: 280 grams approx. per candle
Height: 8.5cm
Width: 7cm

• Burn Time •
25 hours Approx.

• Safety •
Please follow our safety guidelines to ensure you get the best possible burn from your candle.

• Trim the wick to ¼ inch each time before burning. Long or crooked wicks can cause uneven burning, dripping or flaring.

• Please burn for around one hour on first lighting to ensure a wide melted wax pool can form.


Pear Drops Candle: Contains COUMARIN, LINALOOL, D-LIMONENE, CINNAMYL ALCOHOL, AMYL CINNAMAL. May produce an allergic reaction.

Our waxes and fragrance oils are Non-Toxic and Eco Friendly! We are against animal testing.

Customer Reviews

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Smells lovely but not exact

This candle like the others smells lovely however, the others smell exactly like the label but this one doesn’t. It doesn’t smell bad or anything but at first smell it doesn’t smell like pear drops, however the smell is highly nicely scented so I’m still very happy with it 😊