Laundry Fresh Pink – Scented Wax Brittle Pouch


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Laundry Fresh Pink – Scented Wax Brittle Pouch – Handmade in Hampshire, by Candle Works.

NEW!! Scented Wax Brittle 

• Scent •
This fragrance is similar in style and identity to the well known fabric softener.

Laundry Fresh Pink fragrance combines the inviting scents of red berries and cherry with elegant Jasmine and a hint of peachy sweetness.

• How to Use •
Simply break small parts up and place into your wax warmer (tea light or electric work fine).
We’re telling you now though.. a small amount goes a very long way!!


• Will be sure to fill your home with delight. This wax brittle also contains a unique bio-glitter to make your wax sparkle!

• Reusable holographic foil pouch – store your wax in this beautiful bag and once it’s empty, reuse! Perfect to store small items in.

• Our biodegradable glitter is a fabulous alternative to traditional plastic-based glitter. Made from vegetable starch, it is plastic free, cruelty free, plant based, cosmetic grade and 100% beautiful! Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


• Delivery •
Securely shipped and a safety leaflet included! Great for any occasion or a special someone.


• Size & Weight •
Weight: 50 grams approx. per pouch (Net Weight)
Pouch Height: 15cm
Pouch Width: 8cm


• Burn Time •
Over 60+ hours of beautiful fragrance!


• Safety •
Please follow our safety guidelines and your wax burner instructions to ensure you get the best possible burn from your melt.

• Remove all packaging before using on your burner. Use only in tea light warmers or electric warmers approved for wax melts.

• Keep away from pets and children. DO NOT add water. DO NOT leave unattended.


Contains: Alpha Iso Methyl Ionone, Hexyl Cinnamic Aldehyde, Hexyl Salicylate. May produce an allergic reaction.

Our waxes and fragrance oils are Non-Toxic and Eco Friendly! We are against animal testing.